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Sky-high ambition

The series continues with a profile of Tony Ryan, the visionary behind GPA and Ryanair as well as the instigator of the current global success in Irish aviation leasing. It charts his early years, and his rise from ground staff worker in Aer Lingus to mogul of a worldwide airline brand.

Dead reckoning

the walking dead

RTE2, 10.50pm

Abraham and some of the group head to Washington, DC, but face danger along the way when their transport fails, and they must find safety. However, not everyone in the team is on board with the new plan.

A bug's life . . .

the secret life of your house

utv Ireland, 9pm

Viewers may need a strong stomach for this documentary in which entomologist George McGavin deliberately infests a house with thousands of animals normally thought of as pests in an experiment designed to give an insight into the ecology that exists under people's noses. After introducing creatures such as spiders, mice and cockroaches to the property, George lets them loose for a month to find out what they get up to.

Building the dream

imagine: frank gehry

BBC1, 10.35pm

Profile of the Canadian architect, whose unconventional approach to design has made him one of the most celebrated and innovative figures in his field. From Bilbao's iconic Guggenheim Museum to LA's Walt Disney Concert Hall, he's known for his supple, shimmering metal designs. This film examines his rise to prominence in the industry and some of his most famous creations, and follows Gehry as he begins work on a distinctive new building in Sydney.

Paws for thought

mountain lions - big cats in high places

BBC2, 8pm

David Attenborough narrates this documentary following a couple of mountain lion families in Wyoming's Rocky Mountains. The dramatic story of two mothers struggling to raise their cubs is giving scientists an invaluable insight into the behaviour of these elusive predators.

New series. Alan Titchmarsh and his team (below) travelling to Walsall to surprise young widow Nina Perrin Seedhouse. Her husband, Gareth, died last year after battling cancer, so it's up to the green-fingered experts to finish the dream garden he was going to create for his family.