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Sister's relief as 'monster' is jailed for double murder


Jolanta and daughter Enrika

Jolanta and daughter Enrika

Jolanta's sister Kristina Kuleviciene speaks after the guilty verdict was delivered

Jolanta's sister Kristina Kuleviciene speaks after the guilty verdict was delivered

Jolanta and daughter Enrika

THE godmother and sister of two murder victims has spoken of her relief that the "monster" who killed them is behind bars.

Kristina Kuleviciene said Aurimas Andruska was not human and had taken the joy from her family's lives on the day he murdered her sister Jolanta (27) and god-daughter Enrika (8).

"We hope this monster will never be back to the public. He is not a person, he is a monster," she said.

She said that the things said about her sister in court were "lies" and did not reflect the beautiful, trusting woman who was loved by her family.

Ms Kuleviciene was speaking following the conviction of Andruska (28), who received two life sentences for the murder of Enrika Lubyte and her mother Jolanta Lubiene whom he stabbed to death in their home at 9 Langford Downs, Killorglin, Co Kerry, on June 15 last year.

Flanked by her grieving mother, Ramute Santiene, and daughter Levita, who clutched framed photographs of Jolanta and Enrika, Ms Kuleviciene was also supported by her sister's husband Marius Lubys and one of her four brothers.

A jury at the Central Criminal Court took two hours and 45 minutes deliberating before returning a unanimous verdict of guilty on each of the charges.

In her victim impact statement read out in court, she said: "Since June, 2013, all of our lives have been transformed into a living hell.

"To this day it seems to me like we are all living in an unending nightmare. Even though we all want to, I know we will never wake up from it.

"Now there are just countless sleepless nights and anxietyfilled days."


Ms Kuleviciene also blamed Andruska for the death of her father, who she said had given up his fight against cancer on the day he heard how his beloved daughter and granddaughter died.

He was laid to rest in the same grave as them just three months later.

She said: "I know it broke him. When he was told they were murdered he was so upset he stopped fighting his disease that day."

She added that the person described during the trial was not the Jolanta they knew and loved, who was an honest and decent person, a fantastic mother, and the best friend anyone could ask for.

She said: "But Jolanta is gone from us now and cannot defend herself."

She said some of these "lies" were told by the people who pretended to be her friend.

Ms Kuleviciene said her sister and niece had been murdered in their home where they thought they were safe.

A victim impact statement was also read out from Jolanta's husband and Enrika's father Marius, who wept in court.

"My life has no joy anymore. I cannot hug Enrika or hear her joy and laughter anymore," he said.

"I can only hope they will now rest in peace, and I will say to you Jolanta and Enrika, that you will always stay in my heart," he added.

The family wished to thank the gardai, Victims' Support, and the people who supported them throughout their ordeal.