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Siobhan punched, slashed and spat on in horror attack

Siobhan Phillips suffered terrible injuries at Mackin’s hands
Siobhan Phillips suffered terrible injuries at Mackin’s hands

Siobhan Phillips was a 16-year-old schoolgirl when, her mother Bronagh says, she met her first serious boyfriend, Adrian Crevan Mackin, more than four years her senior.

At 17, she gave birth to their first child together, a son, and a few years later their daughter followed.

Her father, Sean, admitted he was concerned about the relationship "from day one" due to her boyfriend's republican background and alleged Continuity IRA links.

It was said that, as a teenager, Mackin had engaged in an act of bestiality with a sheep and pulled a knife on his mother. When the PSNI raided Mackin's Newry home, they found extreme pornography, including bestiality. Ultimately the couple's children were placed in the foster care of Sean and his second wife, Norma.

Siobhan became estranged from her family and fell increasingly under the control of Mackin who became violent. It reached a horrific climax on October 9, 2015, when, from 5pm until 7am the next day, he subjected her to a sustained attack.

She described the night to Garda Tony Golden, who Mackin later shot dead as he took Siobhan back to her home at Mullach Alainn in Omeath, Co Louth, to collect her clothes.

Siobhan had finally built up the courage to leave her abuser, and at that stage feared for not only her own life but those of her children and family.

In her statement, she admitted being unfaithful to him when he was in jail.

While they had decided to stay together for the sake of their children, he "was seeing other girls and got one pregnant". Her father said Mackin liked to "rub her nose in it" and made no secret of his affairs.

Siobhan told how on the evening Mackin attacked her: "He came over to my sofa and said, 'Do you like taking it in the mouth?' I curled up in a ball and he punched me."


She said he "calmed down after getting the violence out of his system", but it wasn't to be for long.

He got a steak knife from the kitchen and slashed Siobhan's left wrist and her right thigh through her tracksuit bottoms.

In the early hours, the assaults continued in their bedroom where he pinned her to a wall and threw her against a wardrobe while thumping her in the head.

"He said, 'Get the f**k out. Sleep over there on the floor like a dog'. He kept spitting at me and calling me a tramp," she said.

"I must have dozed off because I woke up to him kicking me in the head."

In the morning, Mackin ordered Siobhan to cover her bruises with make-up. She left for her job in a Newry hairdressers where she later summoned the courage to talk of her ordeal.

An enraged Mackin later shot her and Gda Golden.

Siobhan survived the attack but, as her father revealed yesterday, she has suffered a frontal lobe injury to her brain and lost her right eye.

She will live with the consequences of the attack for the rest of her life.

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