Tuesday 21 May 2019

Sinn Fein accused of ‘dirty tricks’ plan

Claims: Joe Higgins. Photo: Tom Burke
Claims: Joe Higgins. Photo: Tom Burke

SINN Fein has been accused of “dirty tricks” and “blatant dishonesty” after it claimed that the party is outperforming the Socialist Party in the Dublin West constituency.

Election literature being handed out by the campaign team of the Sinn Fein candidate Paul Donnelly claims that Gerry Adams’s party is the “leading party on the left”.

But Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins lashed out at Sinn Fein’s campaign.

Socialist Ruth Coppinger is seen as being a front runner in Friday’s contest along with Fianna Fail’s David McGuinness.

Mr Higgins, who is not contesting the next general election, released his own literature which describes Sinn Fein’s claims as being part of a dirty tricks campaign.


“Unfortunately Sinn Fein are distributing a leaflet that falsely states their support and tries to diminish Ruth (Coppinger),” Mr Higgins wrote.

“In the last by-election, Sinn Fein got 8.9pc but Ruth got 21pc. This by-election is a choice between Fianna Fail or Ruth, who is fighting for a better future for us all. Sinn Fein will not be forgiven by people if they engage in dirty tricks and as a result Fianna Fail gets elected,” he added.

Speaking to the Herald last night, Mr Higgins said he takes “serious issue” with what he described as “blatant dishonesty”.

“Sinn Fein is using poll figures nationally to pretend that their standing in Dublin West is equally as high. What they are doing could facilitate a Fianna Fail comeback and they won’t be forgiven for that.”

Mr Higgins also said that Sinn Fein is being “disingenuous” by claiming that it is the leading opposition party to water charges and the property tax.

The by-election is hotly contested with a number of candidates in with a strong chance.


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