Saturday 23 March 2019

Sinister graffiti 'to make Patsy crack and flee city'

Graffiti which appeared in two separate locations in north Dublin last week
Graffiti which appeared in two separate locations in north Dublin last week

The Kinahan cartel's graffiti campaign against The Monk's brother is designed to "make him crack and flee the city", the Herald has learned.

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan has ordered the continued campaign against innocent man Patsy Hutch, in which graffiti stating 'Patsy Dies Feud Ends' has been scrawled across walls in the north inner city on at least six different occasions, most recently twice last week.

The Herald revealed that the most recent incident was an attempt to lure Patsy from his home in order to shoot him.

But the messages are also part of a plot to force Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's brother to flee the capital.


"If they can't take him down physically they will try and take him down psychologically, and this sinister campaign is an attempt to get him to crack, and flee his family home," a senior source confirmed to the Herald.

"The Kinahans and their spies also know that word of the graffiti will get back to Gerry Hutch, and it will serve as a reminder to him that all his family remain under threat," the source added.

"Gerry's brothers Patsy and John are viewed by the Kinahan gang as low-hanging fruit in that they are the easiest to antagonise and represent high-value targets because they are so closely related to Gerry," the source said.

"Information that Gerry paid thousands to the Kinahans in the past to protect Patsy's son Gary from being murdered will also mean that Gerry is not likely to heed any message about a possible end to the feud.

"As we all know, Gary was shot dead in Spain in 2015 and the revenge for that was the Regency Hotel shooting.

"It is amazing that Patsy is still in the city, his brother Gerry could pay for him to flee as he is worth millions. But Patsy just won't go."

Patsy, whose son Patrick is on trial for the murder of Kinahan mobster David Byrne in the Regency Hotel in 2016, has survived at least four attempts on his life since the feud began.

Last month, gardai arrested four men and seized four weapons in the underground car park of the Belmont Apartments on Gardiner Street as part of their probe into an advanced plan to murder Patsy at his home.

Sources said gardai have intelligence that the cartel has "a full-time network of spies working for them in the north inner city who get paid for information on members of the Hutch family".

It is believed that these spies were active in the latest foiled hit on Patsy, and sources say that gardai plan to make more arrests in the case in the future.

Gardai are stationed near Patsy's home on a 24-hour basis due to ongoing threats against him.

Last June, two men were arrested near his house. A gun, gloves and a can of petrol were also seized in what gardai believe may have been another attempt on his life.

In July 2016, Patsy survived an assassination bid after a lone gunman on a bicycle approached his house before failing to follow through with the attack. Patsy's other son, Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch, who is currently in jail for manslaughter, has been targeted behind bars on two occasions since the feud erupted.


The feud shows no sign of ending, with a senior garda stating last week that up to 18 murders could be historically linked to it.

While the number officially remains at 15, three other killings are being looked at as having direct links to the bloody dispute which shows no sign of abating.

Last month, Patsy's older brother, John Hutch Snr (65), suffered a suspected broken ankle in Kusadasi, Turkey, after leaping from a balcony in an attempt to flee a feared attempt on his life.

Gardai received reports that Mr Hutch spotted two men in balaclavas at the front door of the apartment before his escape.

In the aftermath of the foiled hit, Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll said gardai had intervened in 45 suspected planned murders by organised crime gangs.

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