Thursday 14 December 2017

Singer Mary flies to Magaluf after son robbed on holiday

BLUES singer Mary Coughlan has revealed she had to fly to the Spanish resort of Magaluf to bring her son home after he was robbed and had his passport stolen.

The veteran jazz performer (58) whose past battles with alcohol are well documented, described her shock and 
fears for young Irish holidaymakers after seeing the level of "drink, drugs and debauchery" in the Majorcan sun spot.

The mother of five went public about her son's ordeal as viral video of a Northern Irish teenager involved in a sordid nightclub game made global headlines.

"I've just come back from a rescue mission from Magaluf where several hundred Irish boys and girls are going absolutely nutty," the singer told Facebook followers on Thursday.

"I went there to get my 
son home. He'd been robbed 
and his passport taken.

"There are kids down there in serious trouble... kids are in hospital, have had their money stolen (and) been badly beaten up," she said.

The Tired and Emotional singer said she struggled to find assistance when she arrived in Magaluf except for the help she received from one Irish hotel worker.


"I've never seen anything like it in my entire life. Drink, drugs and debauchery the like I've never seen ever in my whole life," she said.

The Wicklow-based singeracknowledged her own "lost years" to drink, but said they mostly occurred when she was an adult in her 30s and not 
a vulnerable 17-year-old.

She said she was deeply saddened to see young people damaging themselves and each other.

"Now young people are abusing/using each other in a cruel way. To see young people (girls) walking in the street wearing only shoes and thongs and carrying large pint-sized alcoholic drinks is so very upsetting," she said.

The singer received much support for going public about her nightmare experience.

"Sounds like hell on earth...fair play Mary for going and getting him home," wrote one follower. "Can something be done about these operators?" asked another.


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