Thursday 14 December 2017

Singer Katie Melua 'settled taxes in full'

Katie Melua
Katie Melua

SINGER Katie Melua says she paid her taxes in full after learning she was among a number of stars who had invested in a controversial tax avoidance scheme.

Melua (inset) is among 1,600 people who put money into the Liberty scheme, according to The Times.

Around £1.2bn (€1.5bn) is said to have been put into Liberty from 2005 until 2009. It created a tax loss for investors which they could offset against other income.

Melua, who is said to have put £850,000 (€1m) in, went on to settle in full with the British taxman.

A spokesman for Melua (29) said: "When HM Revenue and Customs stated they were reviewing the scheme, she paid the tax to HMRC in full. HMRC are not out of pocket and she has not avoided any tax liability."

Involvement in tax avoidance schemes has led to criticism of other stars, including Gary Barlow, who faces a hefty bill for his involvement in the Icebreaker scheme.


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