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Sick 'maggot' taunts in hate mail to gang victim Little's family


Gardai at the scene of Sean Little’s murder in Balbriggan. Photo: Damien Eagers / INM

Gardai at the scene of Sean Little’s murder in Balbriggan. Photo: Damien Eagers / INM

Gardai at the scene of Sean Little’s murder in Balbriggan. Photo: Damien Eagers / INM

Innocent family members of gangland murder victim Sean Little have been subjected to vicious hate mail.

Letters, which are too graphic to be published in full, have been posted to some of the 22-year-old murdered drug dealer's family. Other relatives have been goaded on social media.

Out of many letters sent to Little's family, one seen by the Herald said "the maggots are eating scumbag Sean".

Among the taunts were jibes including "he is no loss, good riddance to the drug pusher. What about the families he destroyed to make money".

He was also labelled a "drug pushing little b*****d" and a "scumbag" in the shocking letter.

The Herald understands gardai have not received any complaint about the correspondence, which has been sent to Little's address at Kilbarron Avenue, in Kilmore, north Dublin, in recent days.

A spokesperson said that gardai were also unaware of reports that bullets had been posted to the home.

Little is believed to have been lured to the spot on the Walshestown Road, Balbriggan, where he was murdered late on the night of May 21 - he was blasted multiple times in the head.


His slaying came just hours before his close pal Jordan Davis was also brutally murdered as he walked his four-month-old baby in a pram in Darndale.

Earlier this week, the Herald revealed a fourth possible gangland gun murder in north Dublin was "called off" as a close associate of Little has vowed to avenge the double-cross slaying.

Armed gardai are closely monitoring the situation after receiving information that Little's associate has enlisted one of his best pals to shoot dead a reckless Coolock criminal.

A number of surveillance operations have been carried out in the Coolock area in the past fortnight, after detectives became aware of the information.

A source said officers are aware that a "hit was called off" at short notice last week, with the tensions in the area still at an "extremely high level."

"Little's very close associate has enlisted another Coolock man who is aged in his early 20s to carry out a revenge murder last month," a source said last night.

"The target is a well-known local criminal aged in his 30s and is suspected of being the actual gunman in the Little case.

"This individual has previously served a number of significant jail sentences in the past and has also been the victim of gang-related violence on a number of occasions.

"It would be an understatement to say that he is well-known to gardai," the source explained.

Both the target and the enlisted shooter publicly mourned the death of Little in the aftermath of his murder.

The Herald can also reveal there was a previous attempt to murder the target in the Darndale area in early June, but the shooter's gun jammed in the incident.

The target was sitting in a vehicle at the time and is understood to know the identity of the criminal who attempted to murder him in the botched hit.

He very nearly suffered the same fate as Iranian asylum seeker and gang associate Hamid Sanambar, who was shot dead outside Little's family home in Kilmore at 3.30pm on Tuesday, May 28, in a revenge attack after the victim was accused of luring Little to his death.

At least two hitmen were involved in firing multiple bullets into Sanambar. Two handguns, including a Makarov pistol, were recovered from the burning getaway car used in the murder.


Meanwhile, a large crowd attended Little's funeral mass with armed gardai patrolling the streets around the church, and uniformed gardai and members of the public order unit also circulated around the Kilmore region.

"On Tuesday late evening on 21st May last, Sean lost his life in the most horrific, barbaric, senseless act of violence imaginable," said Fr Gary Darby, addressing the mourners.

"An act that has no justification and no place in our society.

"An act that goes against all Christian values, one that has left his family absolutely devastated and our parish community feeling very vulnerable, extremely numb and saddened."