Tuesday 23 January 2018

Should homework be abolished for all primary school children?

IT'S been loathed by generations of children - and parents. Now homework is also coming under fire from the teaching profession.

Primary school principals are questioning the value of homework for younger children after decades of doling it out.

The principals' organisation, IPPN, have opened up a debate after claiming there's little evidence to show it makes any difference to learning. On top of that, it's "very stressful" for children and reduces the quality time spent with parents.


Sean Cottrell, director of the IPPN, said homework was not suited to lower-achieving children and could remind them of what they could not do.

So, should homework be abolished for primary school children?

Sarah Travers, 26, Kildare

No, absolutely not. It's how children learn and it's the only way forward. It's a system that seems to work.

Olivia Hood, 18, Swords

They shouldn't have as much -- they're given too much to do at home. Children are tired after spending all day at school.

Alison Brolan, 19, Blackrock

No, I think it's really important. It reinforces what they learn during the day and it's important to get the parents involved in their child's education.

Kate Ryan, 21, Rathgar

No, I think it's a good thing. It gives children a good sense of discipline to do school work at home.

Ciara Flynn, 22, Swords

No, it's good for children to get into a routine of working at home.

Clara Bittel, 22, Milltown

No, I don't think so. Doing homework reinforces what they learn at school and gets their parents involved.

Joseph Kennelly, 27, Meath

No, homework is important. It's good for acquiring study skills that are needed in secondary school.

Ursula Korcz, 26, Smithfield

No, it shouldn't be abolished. Doing homework teaches children discipline.

John Lawler, 32, Malahide

I don't think there's any harm in a small amount but they shouldn't be overloaded. Homework introduces children to the concept of study for secondary school.

David Kehoe, 27, Clontarf

Yes, I don't really see the point of homework. Children have got better things to do with their time.

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