Sunday 17 December 2017

Shots fired at Dunne suspect's home

Gangsters targeted the home of a leading suspect in the assassination of psycho gang boss Eamonn Dunne.

The man in his 20s who was arrested in connection with the killing in May, was not at home when a masked gunman opened fire on his Cabra home last week.

He had been arrested in May along with his pal Craig White (24) who is serving a life sentence for the murder of gangster Noel Roche (27) in 2005.

The man who does not have any serious convictions is understood to have been involved in a bloody fight with the Don in the weeks before his death.

Dunne (34), who was backed up by an associate, is understood to have dished out a brutal beating during the altercation.

A thug fired a number of shots through the front window of the man's home in the early hours of Thursday.


His friend Craig White was taken from his cell in the 'Joy and questioned over his possible involvement in the murder.

White was jailed for life in July 2009 for the murder of Noel Roche in November 2005.

The jury heard how Roche had been at a Phil Collins gig with his girlfriend but received a phone call and left early. Roche knew he was in danger after he was spotted by rival criminals at the Point Depot.

He was a senior member of a gang involved in the bloody Crumlin-Drimnagh gang war. Roche fled the venue but details of the car he was driving were given to the killers.

Craig White acted as the getaway driver while hitman Paddy Doyle fired the shots that murdered Roche.

White is also suspected of involvement in the killing of murdered mum-of-two Baiba Saulite (28) in 2006.

The Don was blown away by two gunmen on April 23 as he celebrated a friend's birthday at the Faussagh House pub in Cabra.

One of the men walked up to Dunne and shot him a number of times in the back of the head and fired more shots after Dunne had hit the ground.


The second gunman, who was armed with a revolver, stood just inside the pub door with his gun at the ready to shoot anybody who tried to lunge at the gunman. A post-mortem confirmed that Dunne was hit six times in the head and back.

Two other men waited outside the pub in a Volkswagen Passat which was used as a getaway car by the four-man murder team.

Gardai suspect the murder was carried out by a north inner city gang at the behest of jailed drugs kingpin Christy Kinahan.

Kinahan (53) is understood to have given the contract to a small inner city gang run by two local criminals, one of whom is a sex offender, because he decided that Dunne had become too much of a liability.

According to security sources, Kinahan told associates that Dunne was also a serious liability due to the number of murders he had ordered.


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