Saturday 22 September 2018

Short story for yes vote better than my opinion, says Roddy Doyle


Roddy Doyle
Roddy Doyle
Roddy Doyle, The Lord Mayor Christy Burke, and Julie Feeney at the 'Write Here, Write Now' Awards Ceremony at The Mansion House, Dublin

RODDY Doyle wrote a funny story backing a 'Yes' vote in the same-sex marriage referendum because he thinks famous people writing opinion pieces is "a waste of time".

The story was posted on The Snapper author's Facebook page under his famous 'Two Pints' series of short dialogue sketches.

It features two men discussing the referendum, and one man's gay nephew, who he calls "an irritatin' little pr**". The piece ends with the uncle saying that despite his irritating nephew he would be voting yes as "a few years o'marriage will fix tha' little f**ker's cough for him".

"I'm just messin'. Look - f**k it, I love him. He's a great kid an' if he ever wants to get married, he should be able to. An' me sister can have her big day as well," the man continues.

The post has 35,000 'likes' and 10,000 'shares' on the website.

Last night Doyle told the Herald that he was "expressing hope" that Ireland votes yes.

"I was asked to write an opinion piece and I thought 'well I never read them myself'. If I see how somebody famous has an opinion I'm always thinking 'well so what', you know?

"Sometimes they would nearly make me change my mind.


"You know, such and such a rock star says vote yes, I'm inclined to vote no," he said.

"I am expressing my hope that there is a yes vote and the most useful way for me to do that is to express myself creatively, not to go in front of a camera and say vote yes, because I think that's just a waste of time."

The author said that the response to his Facebook post was "phenomenal" and that he never really knows whether something will attract any attention or not.

He was one of the head judges at the final of the 'Write Here, Write Now' competition as part of the One City, One Book Festival, at Dublin's Mansion House yesterday.

The winners from the Third level category were Dearbhaile Houston from UL and William Gilsenan from Tullamore.

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