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Shopper was 'thumped' in rubbish row

A WOMAN out Christmas shopping twice thumped a man in the chest after he complained to her about throwing rubbish out of her car in a car park, a court heard.

Jennifer Quinn (33) had denied she dropped the rubbish when fellow shopper Peter Lynch asked her to pick it up.

She claimed one of her children was responsible, then pushed Mr Lynch twice in the chest.

Judge Dermot Dempsey found Quinn guilty of assaulting Mr Lynch during an argument in a car park at Airside Retail Park in Swords.

He fined her €200 and ordered her to pay witness expenses of €150.

The defendant, of Ringfort View, Balrothery, had denied threatening and abusive behaviour and assaulting Mr Lynch last December 17.

Mr Lynch, a paramedic, told Swords District Court he had been shopping with his wife and daughter and they had just walked back to their car.

He said he saw a woman at a nearby car emptying rubbish from the vehicle.

Mr Lynch said she started to drive away, but some of the rubbish got caught in the car door and she was bringing it across the car park.


He knocked on her window, telling her he couldn't believe she had thrown her rubbish on the ground.

Mr Lynch said Quinn responded: "What rubbish? I didn't throw any rubbish."

He said she then tried to blame her children, who were in the back seat, but he told her he had seen her drop the rubbish.

Mr Lynch said Quinn got out of the car and started roaring at him.

He said she "thumped" him in the chest. He backed off, telling her there was no need for that reaction.

Quinn, a mother of four, then thumped him again, he said.

In her evidence, Quinn said she was reversing when Mr Lynch banged on her window. She wound it down and he shouted: "Are you going to pick up your f**king rubbish?"

She said he then grabbed her sleeve. She got out of the car and admonished him for shouting at her in front of her children.

Quinn claimed her children started screaming as they thought Mr Lynch was going to kill her. She alleged that Mr Lynch was aggressive and she was "scared". She denied hitting him.

Finding her guilty, Judge Dempsey said Quinn got out of her car to assault and abuse Mr Lynch.