Monday 18 December 2017

Shocking stab videos showed Dwyer liked inflicting pain on women

PERHAPS the most shocking moment in the ten-week trial came when videos were shown to the jury of Graham Dwyer stabbing Elaine O'Hara as he had sex with her.

Elaine's recorded screams filled the silent courtroom as the repellent movie clips that had been retrieved by gardai from Dwyer's hard-drive were played back.

The prosecution argued that the videos had to be seen to show how much Dwyer enjoyed hurting Elaine, having lied to gardai that he was not "into" knives and stabbing.

Two other unidentified women also featured in the horrific videos.

Elaine was in three of 11 clips from 2008 that were found on a hard-drive at Dwyer's home.

She was shown naked, bound and screaming as the accused stabbed her while he had sex with her.

Other similar clips featured two other, unidentified women, while in two videos, the accused was seen alone, "pretending" to stab himself with a retractable knife and taking about the effects of chloroform, with which he had experimented on himself.

The first clip, entitled "Blood2.mp4" showed Dwyer alone, stabbing himself in the side with a knife. The second clip also featured Dwyer alone.

"I'm just after waking up from having knocked myself out with chloroform," he told the camera.


The third clip featured Elaine bound and apparently gagged as her screams were muffled, with her arms behind her back.

Dwyer, also naked, stabbed her repeatedly in the abdomen from behind.

In the fourth clip, Dwyer, stabbed Elaine and rubbed the knife along her skin during sex.

"Now, that wasn't bad, was it?" he was heard saying afterward.

The fifth clip again showed Elaine bound and gagged. Dwyer, was shown sitting astride her and stabbing her as she screamed.

The sixth clip was called "Attempted Breast stab" and featured a woman whose hands were bound by handcuffs, sitting in a bed.

Dwyer was seen trying to stab her breast from behind. The woman was screaming and later said: "Stop this please".

Clip number 7 was entitled "Bloodletting". In this clip Dwyer drew a knife across a woman's breast, which bled.

Clip 8, "First Stabbing", featured Dwyer, stabbing a bound and gagged woman at least nine times.

The ninth clip was called "Third Stabbing" and featured a woman screaming out and sobbing as Dwyer stabbed her with a knife. He was heard saying "ssh, ssh" before performing a sex act.

The tenth clip was called "After Third Stabbing" and showed blood streaming from a woman's side onto the bed.


Clip 11, was called "Fake Stabbing". This clip showed Dwyer with a bound and gagged woman, stabbing her repeatedly with a retractable knife.

Mr Justice Hunt later explained to the jury why he himself was not viewing the videos as they were played.He had already viewed them two to three times privately and "simply didn't have a desire to see them a fourth time."

Other crucial video evidence was the CCTV footage from Elaine's apartment complex, Belarmine Plaza in Stepaside, where Dwyer was seen visiting nine times between January and August 2012.

The footage shown to the jury included one occasion, on July 9 where Dwyer and Elaine entered the building together.

Other footage, on August 13 and 15, showed Dwyer carrying the backpack that would later be found in Vartry reservoir. He would later tell gardai he did not know how it got there.

The "Master" phone had door entry codes for Elaine's apartment complex dialled into it at the time Dwyer was seen there on CCTV a week before she disappeared.

Dwyer was identified on the CCTV footage by his son, Sennan McShea. He accepted he was the man in the footage when gardai showed it to him.


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