Sunday 19 November 2017

Shock murder echoes past gruesome finds

THE shocking discovery of the body of a Malawian student in a travel bag in the north of the city has a number of similarities with a gruesome case from 2001.

On that occasion, Romanian national Adrian Bestea was killed and his body crammed into a suitcase before it was dumped in the Royal Canal. His girlfriend, Marina Sourovtzeva, hired three Ukrainians to teach him "a lesson" for his attacks on her.

She was handed a two-year jail sentence in 2002. Two Ukrainians were also jailed after being convicted of falsely imprisoning the victim.

After numerous beatings from her 21-year-old boyfriend, Sourovtzeva brought three men to her flat in Sandymount, Dublin, in July, 2001, where Mr Bestea was attacked for more than four hours.

The following day his body was crammed into a suitcase and taken on a bus to Drumcondra, where it was dumped in the Royal Canal.

Children playing on the banks of the canal found the suitcase 10 days later.

In an even more sinister case in March 2005, the so-called 'Scissor Sisters' Linda and Charlotte Mulhall killed their mother's boyfriend Farah Noor in a north Dublin flat.

The pair dragged his body into the bathroom of their mother's flat and spent hours cutting it up with a bread knife and hammer.

They then dumped their victim's headless torso into the Royal Canal near Ballybough. The severed head was taken by bus to Tallaght where it was buried and reburied in a number of locations.

The head has never been recovered by gardai.

Noor's torso and limbs were spotted by passers-by in the canal 10 days later, sparking a murder hunt by gardai.

While her daughters took the rap for Noor's killing, Kathleen Mulhall fled Ireland and spent a number of years on the run.

She was finally tracked down in London by gardai in February 2008 and agreed to come back to Ireland to face charges.

The victim who was murdered in Dublin at the weekend is not the first Malawian woman to suffer a terrible death in Ireland.

Paiche Onyemaechi's mutilated and decapitated body was discovered just outside Piltown, Co Kilkenny, on July 23, 2004. She had been reported missing by her husband Chica Onyemaechi on July 10, 2004.

He told gardaí he last saw his wife on July 8 when she got a taxi to Limerick for work. None of the regular taxi drivers she used recalled bringing her to Limerick on the date in question. A forensic examination established that Paiche had been killed 14 days prior to her body being discovered.


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