Saturday 16 December 2017

Sheriff seizes 12-D BMW from evicted family who owed €16k rent arrears

A family who were resisting eviction from a home by claiming they had no money had a 2012 BMW 5 series car seized as the County Sheriff put them out of the property.

Two of the family of ten were also arrested for public order offences as they were being evicted.

Last month, Stelian Ciuciu, the 50-year-old head of the Romanian Ciuciu family which is seeking asylum in Ireland, told Judge Jacqueline Linnane in the Circuit Civil Court that they had no money and nowhere to go after they were given 21 days to quit their rented house at Monastery Walk in Clondalkin, Dublin.


Barrister Una Cassidy, counsel for the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB), told the court that Stelian, his son Florin (24) and Florin's wife, Elizabeth Imanandita (23), were in rent arrears to the extent of just over €16,000.

The board took the case on behalf of the house owner, Mike Dixon. Judge Linnane granted Mr Dixon possession of his investment property and gave him judgment for €16,000 against Stelian, Florin and Elizabeth Imanandita.

The county sheriff arrived at 6.30am yesterday and took possession of the house. The sheriff also seized the white 2012-registered BMW 520M car valued at €35,000 that was parked in a separate location.

Florin Ciuciu and his wife Elizabeth were arrested for public order offences at the scene but later released from garda custody.

Mr Dixon told the Herald he was glad the ordeal was finally over.

"They paid rent for the first seven months but then it stopped in June 2013. I have been fighting this for nearly two years now," said Mr Dixon.

He lived in the house himself before emigrating a number of years ago, and has lived with relatives since his return in his efforts to evict the Ciuciu family.

"It has been a long legal process, and a very slow one, but I'm glad it's over. I will have to clean up the house now but I'm glad it is finally over," he said.

Members of the extended Ciuciu family later returned to the house to collect some of their belongings which a security company had removed.

Florin Ciuciu told the Herald they would not be making any effort to get back into the house.

"It would be against the law and there would be a problem if we did, so we will not be trying to get in," he said.


Mr Ciuciu claimed the car did not belong to him but to an uncle.

"It was registered to me because when my uncle bought it in the UK, I went with him because he had no proof of address but I had," he explained.

Florin Ciuciu said his uncle had changed ownership of the car into his own name last week.

Mr Ciuciu said the family are now homeless. "We will have to find different places to stay, we don't know what we will do now," he said.

His wife, Elizabeth, said they cannot take all their beds and furniture because they have nowhere to put it.

Following last month's hearing, Stelian said he and his 48-year-old wife, Bita Vasalica, lived with their sons Florin, Stelian (jnr), Florin's wife Elizabeth Imanandita and their baby Hurren Roxelana, daughters Marbella (28), Laura (30) and twins Jennifer and Miriam (20).

Yesterday morning, the County Sheriff took possession of the house and seized the car to cover the rent debts.

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