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Shatter expected to waive €70k pay

Former Finance Minister Alan Shatter is expected to waive his €70,000 severance payment, which he is entitled to, later today.

Mr Shatter said that he would make a statement this afternoon to officially outline whether or not he will accept the pay.

The Fine Gael TD gave no indication as to his intentions but said that he would speak from the plinth at Leinster House.

This is the first time Mr Shatter will have spoken 
publically since he stepped down from his role in the
 Justice Department.

The timing of the statement - at 2.30pm today - comes just 30 minutes after the broadcast moratorium on election coverage kicks in.

Although Mr Shatter has kept everyone guessing this morning, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he has full confidence that the former Justice Minister “will do the right thing”.


And Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore said this morning that he would be very surprised if Mr Shatter does not do “the honourable thing” in relation to his severance payment.

Mr Gilmore said he had never been in any doubt.

“I would be very surprised if he does not do the honourable thing in relation to the severance payment,” he said.

Sources said that the statement may outline Mr Shatter’s opinion about how his departure was handled.

Legislation abolishing such ministerial severance payments has been passed under the Oireachtas Act.

However, the statutory instrument giving effect to the relevant provision was signed a week after Mr Shatter’s resignation.