Friday 15 December 2017

Shane murder - two more charges

GARDAI will press charges against two senior gangsters for the murder of innocent rugby player Shane Geoghegan.

As 'smiling assassin' Barry Doyle (pictured) today begins a life sentence for the callous murder, detectives are closing in on the gang boss and getaway driver behind the hit.

Gardai will press charges against these two senior members of the McCarthy/Dundon gang in relation to the sickening murder of 28-year-old Shane which shocked the nation.

The senior henchman who ordered Barry Doyle to carry out the botched murder and the getaway driver are "likely" to face charges in the coming weeks, according to senior sources.

The 26-year-old killer hunted down the Garryowen forward as he returned home following a night out, believing him to be a gang rival.

Both suspects were arrested by gardai in prison last November and new evidence was put to the mobsters by detectives.

The suspects are key members of the McCarthy/Dundon gang and both are serving lengthy prison sentences.

The getaway driver is serving a five-year jail sentence for extortion while the more senior gang figure is serving sentences for gang-related offences.

They were arrested, as were their close associates Wayne and Ger Dundon and Liam ‘Lika' Casey, in the dawn prison swoops that happened last November.

The thugs refused to co-operate with the investigation but were said to be shocked by the level of new information that gardai had about the gang's activities.

Sources say that the arrests were a “direct result” of a bitter internal dispute that has been raging in the gang for most of the past year. “An important family faction has split from the Dundons – they would have previously been considered key allies of the gang. Very important information has now been given about the Geoghegan murder as well as two more murders and other shootings.

“Gardai have never had a clearer insight into the workings of the gang. There has never been such co-operation from senior criminals within the organisation.

“The Dundon brothers are the authors of their own downfall – they bullied and threatened everyone – even those who had been loyal to them all their lives,” a senior source explained.

A sign of what is to come for the McCarthy/Dundon gang happened during the murder trial when 24-year-old April Collins gave evidence – she is the former partner of Ger



Ms Collins gave key evidence of how the hit was planned. She said John Dundon explained to Barry Doyle what John McNamara looked like. In chilling evidence, she revealed how the gang boss told Barry Doyle: “The gun is there. You kill him.”

She also revealed details of a conversation between John Dundon, Nathan Killeen and Barry Doyle the night before the murder. She said: “John Dundon was saying he'd everything sussed out about John McNamara and that it was time to make the move.”

Killeen said everything was not sorted. But John Dundon replied that he had the gun and a car ready to go and described what John McNamara looked like. Ms Collins later revealed how John Dundon flew into a rage when he found out that Doyle killed the wrong man.

She said Ger Dundon received a phone call in the hours after the shooting and she drove him to the back of a restaurant on the Dublin Road.

She added: “We met John Dundon and Barry Doyle. John was saying John McNamara was dead.”

Ms Collins said John Dundon then spoke to someone on the phone, adding: “He asked Barry Doyle to describe the man he killed and Barry described him. He said he was big, the way John described him.” She added Doyle then told Dundon, “it was him. I'm sure it was him”.

The court heard John Dundon was “very angry and violent” at that stage. Yesterday, after a third dramatic trial, Barry Doyle from Portland Row, north inner city Dublin, smirked when he was finally convicted of the murder of the Garryowen captain (28) who was gunned down near his home on November 9, 2008.


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