Sunday 20 January 2019

SF's beer-mat stunt goes horribly flat

SHINNERS don't do copyright, but if they did... they probably wouldn't be in the trouble they're in now.

The republican party is in the drink today after it ripped off Heineken's design for its campaign

The beer, which claims to reach parts others don't reach, is now set to reach Sinn Fein's lawyers with "appropriate action".

The party has used the beer-mat campaign to chase the young unemployed vote by targeting them in the pub.

However, the idea is set to be investigated by Heineken "as a matter of urgency" because the party used an altered version of its green and black logo.

The beer mats were unveiled last August, but some are still circulating in Dublin pubs, the Herald has learned.

They carry a message describing Fianna Fail as "government at its worst" and urges drinkers to "fight back".

But now Heineken Ireland could be about to launch a fightback of its own against the use of its branding.

A spokesman told the Herald: "Heineken views any infringement of its brand or copyright extremely seriously.


"Heineken will look into this matter as a matter of urgency and will take action as appropriate."

The front of the mats are a replica of the beer company's, except the wording has been change.

Instead of Heineken, the central black strip reads: "Unemployed?"

The rim asks: "Looking for a job?" and "About to be exported?"

And the back reads: "Fianna Fail is government at its worst. They are doing nothing to tackle to unemployment.

"The solutions exist. It's time to implement them. Fight back. Join Sinn Fein's campaign for jobs for the unemployed."

The mat was launched by Dublin TD Aengus O Snodaigh last August, who said that it would highlight Sinn Fein's plans to get 40,000 young jobless people back to work.

It's not the first time that election candidates have tried to gain attention through the use of beer mats. During the 2007 campaign, Fine Gael's Lucinda Creighton used a mat that featured a picture of her with the Poolbeg towers in the background.


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