Monday 11 December 2017

Sex-trafficking gangs net half a million a day

Garda: File photo
Garda: File photo

Criminal gangs are making over half a million euro a day from “abuse, violence and rape”, according to new figures released by the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Denise Charlton, anti-trafficking expert with the Immigrant Council, has said that sex-trafficking is a now booming business for thugs across the country.

“After the drugs trade, sex-trafficking is now the second most lucrative crime for gangs operating in Ireland,” she said.

The shocking figures released at an annual ‘Mothers and Daughters’ fundraising lunch in Dublin show that Ireland has become a “soft target for pimps, traffickers and thugs”, according to the council.

The lunch was organised to support the frontline services for trafficked women and girls who are being “brought into the country by pimps, traffickers and thugs to be sexually exploited”.

A total of 30 cases have been brought to the council since 2014, with 11 new cases being brought this year – the majority of them coming from Nigeria.

The council say that sex-trafficking networks are operating “from Nigeria, Cameroon,

Brazil and Eastern Europe to Ireland”.

Ms Charlton, speaking at the lunch, called for the introduction and implementation of sex-buyer laws by Christmas to “put the pimps out of business”. She went on also to say that men who buy sex are “putting that cash into the pockets of thugs”.


“The new Sexual Offences Bill will ensure that we are no longer a safe haven for those who use vulnerable women to line their pockets,” Ms Charlton said.

“Like every other frontline agency working with victims of sex-trafficking we back these laws and want to see them become reality by Christmas.”

The council have called on the Government and political leaders “to wreck the business model for this evil, vicious, exploitative trade” saying the time has arrived “for our political leaders to act swiftly”, said Ms Charlton.

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