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Sex offender Rolf Harris makes didgeridoos out of jail toilet rolls


Rolf Harris (PA)

Rolf Harris (PA)


Rolf Harris (PA)

Rolf Harris has been passing time in prison by making didgeridoos out of toilet rolls, it has been claimed.

The disgraced entertainer, who was jailed for indecent assault against four girls, has been reportedly crafting his version of the Aboriginal instrument with cardboard tubes and matches.

Although the guards continually confiscate them, the 85-year-old keeps collecting the rolls so he can play the makeshift instrument in his Stafford Prison cell, according to reports.

"He joins the tubes together with matchsticks, it's driving everyone mad," a source claimed.

"He sits in his cell and tries to play his home-made didgeridoo. It's not the real deal but it acts as a therapy for him."

In 2014, Harris was said to have carved a wooden didgeridoo from materials he found in the jail garden at his former prison HMP Bullingdon, in Oxfordshire.

It reportedly took a month for him to create the instrument, which was about 3ft long and has been decorated on the outside with figures and images. But it was later confiscated by guards.

Since being moved to Stafford, Harris is said to have joined the choir, singing with other inmates during Sunday services.

The Australian-born artist is serving a six-year sentence for sex offences against four girls, one aged seven or eight.

In April, Harris pleaded not guilty to eight new sexual offences - including one alleged to have been committed on a disabled woman.