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Sex attack victims say gardai are insensitive

survivors of sexual violence have reported that they were treated in an insensitive manner by gardai in 14pc of cases.

The Rape Crisis Network of Ireland (RCNI) has released findings for the first time on the contact and experience of survivors reporting to the gardai.

The majority of survivors (57pc) who filed a complaint with the gardai felt that they were treated in a sensitive manner.

This means that they felt their complaint was taken seriously and the gardai were attentive, sympathetic and supportive.

One out of three survivors who reported an incident felt gardai treated them in a neutral manner. This means they were business-like and neither sensitive nor insensitive.

However, 14pc felt they were treated in an insensitive manner.

This means they felt the complaint was not taken seriously and the gardai were "dismissive, disinterested, unsympathetic and unsupportive".

Gardai maintained ongoing contact with survivors throughout in 59pc of cases, according to the figures in the RCNI report for 2013.

A total of 32,026 contacts were made with rape crisis centre helplines last year.


Some 91pc of perpetrators of sexual violence were known to the survivor.

And 14pc of perpetrators were minors aged under 18.

"Responding appropriately to survivors must be a priority for the whole of government," said acting RCNI director Dr Cliona Saidlear.