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Seven die as blizzards sweep New York area

A ferocious lake-effect storm left the upstate New York city of Buffalo buried under six feet of snow, trapping people on highways and in homes, and another storm expected to drop up to three feet more was on its way.

Cold weather enveloped the entire US, leading to record-low temperatures more familiar to January than November. Racing winds and icy roads caused accidents and school closings from the Midwest to the South even where snowfall was low or absent.


In the Buffalo region, which is accustomed to highway-choking snowstorms, this one was being called one of the worst in memory.

Hardened Buffalo residents were caught off guard by the early-season storm that was expected to end yesterday afternoon.

The storm trapped more than 100 vehicles on a 132-mile stretch of the main interstate highway in western New York.

The storm was blamed for five western New York deaths, three of them heart attacks.

Erie County officials said a 46-year-old man was discovered early yesterday in his car, which was in a ditch and buried in snow in the town of Alden. It was unclear how he died.

Two other deaths were reported in New Hampshire and Michigan.

The storm shifted slightly into Buffalo's northern suburbs yesterday morning, giving the hardest hits areas a bit of a reprieve.