Wednesday 13 December 2017

Sergeant wins backing for TV walk-out on Operation team

FORMER Operation Transformation leaders have defended Sergeant Mick Mulcahy after he stormed out on this year's contestants.

For the first time in the show's history, the straight-talking officer was unable to hold his temper as the five leaders flunked their weekly challenge.

Fitness guru Karl Henry said the first time he was "scared" of Sgt Mulcahy after his unexpected outburst, while dad-of-four Adrian Brereton said live on RTE Radio 1 that he would like to tell Sgt Mulcahy to "cop on".

However, three of last year's leaders have stood up for the army man and remarked that his tough training had helped them in the past.

Dublin mum Rachel Walker said: "He is only doing his job. (He is doing it) his way, mind you but it definitely did us no harm last year and whatever he did with us worked."

Jayne Galvin wrote on the show's website: "Adrian = Dead Man Walking for that remark!! (you must be hungry for punishment!!) Sounds like it was a tough one! So before all the Sgt Mul bashing on here on Wednesday I'm posting this to remind people that he is doing his job, and he is A1 at what he does!"

Emily Pigott, who was the youngest leader last year, added:"I have to say that Sgt Mul is only doing his job!


"I've learned a lot from those challenges and have so much respect for the army. It's all about discipline and team work."

Sgt Mulcahy previously revealed that he was not as tough as he appeared on the show. He told the Herald: "I'm really a teddy bear at heart."

The 49-year-old Co Clare man admitted, however, that he was so used to training army officers that it was hard to adapt his exhausting exercise regime for civilians.

"I know it's very tough on them because our training would be a bit harder than the usual civilian training -- it's tougher because we have to train people to survive in battle. We do bring it down to suit civilians but it's hard to get a happy medium," he said.

Meanwhile, Karl Henry remarked that he understood Sgt Mulcahy's frustration with the leaders this week.

He said: "The challenge was all about teamwork and for him there just wasn't enough teamwork going on. To be honest I have to agree with him."

While there appears to be a rift between the leaders and the experts, it is understood that the two teams have put their differences aside.

Mum-of-one Natalie remarked that Sgt Mulcahy was "some man" and "so fit", before adding: "Him and Adrian actually like each other, he calls Adrian ROCKY and Adrian slags back."


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