Thursday 18 July 2019

Search is extended to Laneway after AK47 find sparks arrests

GARDAI today resumed a search of a laneway in Bray after an AK47 assault rifle and the discarded butt and barrels of a sawn-off shotgun were found there near a school.

The search today is being conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into the shooting of Glen McGrath outside a Finglas pub in December, as well as other shootings in Bray in the recent past.

Eight people were arrested at Bray addresses yesterday as part of the crackdown after a series of early-morning searches were carried out at houses in the town.

Ballistics tests were being carried out on the rife which was discovered by officers during a planned search operation. A further search of the area yielded the butt and barrels of a sawn-off shotgun, and further searches were carried out today for the rest of the shotgun.

"It's great to get a gun like the AK off the streets, they are lethal," one garda close to the investigation told the Herald.

The gun was left lying neatly against the wall of the exclusive St Gerard's secondary school on Thornhill Road.

"It looks like it might have been left there for somebody else to pick up very soon afterwards, because it was not covered or protected from the elements," the source added.

The gun appeared to be weathered, with the safety catch in the fully automatic position.

Specially trained gardai using slashhooks and metal detectors made the discovery and immediately had the gun examined before removing it to ensure it was safe.

After the discovery, gardai carried out further searches in the Bray area but nothing else was found. The search resumed today.

Officers said last night that it was not yet clear if the weapon could be linked to the gang under investigation and they were awaiting the outcome of the forensic tests before making further inquiries.

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