Wednesday 19 December 2018

Seafood sector gets 158 new jobs

The seafood processing sector has been given a jobs boost with the creation of 158 new posts over the next three years

Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food, revealed that 18 companies had been approved for grant aid of e1.7m to improve efficiency, promote consolidation and bring in additional income.

A pilot jobs initiative for Killybegs, Co Donegal, has also been announced, aimed at creating an additional 250 jobs in the area by 2014.

Mr Coveney said the projects approved for support created additional income and employment. "For example, Fastnet Mussels Ltd in Cork will be investing in new capital equipment in order to produce value-added cooked mussel products," he said.


"Atlanfish Ltd in Donegal are developing a value-added processing area in order to increase production and broaden their product range, while Rockabill Shellfish Ltd in Dublin plan to increase production of value-added prawn products and improve efficiencies through the installation of energy- efficient equipment.

"In total 158 new jobs will be created around the country and will be a huge boost to local economies."

The Killybegs jobs initiative is the result of a study carried out for the EU Commission which assessed the status, development and potential diversification of Killybegs as a fisheries-dependent community.


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