Wednesday 13 December 2017

Scottish police widen search for women stalked by Pacteau

Police were concerned when CCTV captured Alexander Pacteau (pictured) with Karen Buckley at The Sanctuary nightclub
Police were concerned when CCTV captured Alexander Pacteau (pictured) with Karen Buckley at The Sanctuary nightclub
Karen Buckley

Police in Scotland have widened their search for women who may have been stalked by Karen Buckley's killer, Alexander Pacteau (21), beyond Glasgow to cities including Edinburgh and Dundee.

The revelation came as Scottish victims' rights groups expressed concern at Crown prosecutors who opted not to proceed with a charge against Pacteau of attempting to destroy Karen's body, once he indicated he was willing to plead guilty to her murder.


Justice Lady Rae, in Glasgow High Court, noted the Crown decision and said it had partially "tied my hands" with sentencing.

However, the judge dismissed suggestions she could not take into account Pacteau's decision to try to destroy Karen's remains to hide his tracks, as she handed down a 23-year prison term.

Furthermore, because Pacteau pleaded guilty and had no previous convictions for violent crime, he had to receive a reduction in his sentence.

The UK's National Victims' Rights founder, David Hines, whose daughter Marie (23) was murdered by an intruder at her home, questioned such decisions to drop charges.

"This is not putting the general public or the poor victims first. It is not justice," he said.

It has now emerged that once Pacteau was identified to police by a friend as the man seen talking to Karen on CCTV footage near The Sanctuary nightclub on April 12, detectives were deeply alarmed.

One policeman was aware of the fact the young man had been acquitted of a serious sexual assault in Glasgow just two years previously.

Pacteau claimed in successfully defending that 2013 sexual assault trial that he was gay.

But Pacteau was infatuated with pretty young women.

Police Scotland were so concerned about Pacteau after Karen's murder they conducted a detailed examination of his personal life and movements around Scotland since 2011.


The young man operated a failed courier business for a time and travelled to Edinburgh as well as regional Scottish cities such as Dundee.

Police conducted an exhaustive analysis of all these areas to determine if any young women had reported being stalked.

That nationwide review took place in conjunction with police conducting inquiries amongst escorts in Glasgow.

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