Friday 15 December 2017

Scissor Sister Mulhall plays role of midwife for prison dog having pups


Charlotte Mulhall
Charlotte Mulhall
Dog and eight pups at Dochas centre

Scissor Sister Charlotte Mulhall has helped a prison dog give birth to eight pups in the Dochas Centre, the Herald can reveal.

Mulhall (right) played the role of midwife and vet as the labrador named Friday delivered the six bitches and two male dogs in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Prison sources say murderer Mulhall fulfilled her duties with excellence when Friday went into labour at 5am.

The dog is used to promote calm in a therapeutic way in the women's prison, and is loved and respected by inmates and staff alike.


When it came time for helping Friday, Mulhall (30) was said to be one of the first to volunteer.

"She showed a softer side to what she is in there for, that's for sure. Maybe these dogs are therapeutic after all," said a source.

A spokesperson for the prison service would not comment on who was present as the pups were born, but confirmed that mother and offspring were all doing well.

"The pups will stay with their mother as long as is necessary, and will eventually go to Shelton Abbey for training when they are around 18 months old as part of the Dogs for the Disabled project," said the spokesman.

The pups have yet to be named.

Our picture shows Friday nursing her pups in the Dochas Centre just hours after they were born.

Charlotte was jailed with her sister, Linda, in 2006 for the gruesome killing of their mother's partner, 38-year-old Kenyan man Farah Swaleh Noor.

After stabbing him as many as 20 times they butchered his body and dumped it in the Royal Canal.

His head was never recovered after they transported it across Dublin on a bus and hid it in a park in Tallaght before moving it to another location.

Charlotte was jailed for life for Mr Noor's murder, while Linda (39) was sentenced to 15 years for manslaughter. The pair were dubbed the Scissor Sisters for cutting Noor's body into pieces.

Last month, Charlotte was investigated for using heated hair tongs to burn another inmate's back.

They were also concerned that she was bullying and intimidating other inmates before being isolated from the rest of the prison. She was also under 24-hour suicide watch, with officers concerned for her safety and mental health.

No official complaints of assault have been made against her this year and she has not had any disciplinary hearings brought against her in 2015.

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