Sunday 21 January 2018

Scientists celebrate superbug success in new trials

Scientists are a step closer to finding a cure for MRSA, experts said today.

Researchers have developed a pioneering method to identify specific proteins which could be used to combat antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Their findings have been hailed as a significant step in the fight against deadly infections.

Lytic enzymes, which attack bacteria, have already been singled out as a possible solution, but until now their potential to destroy harmful cells has been calculated on a largely ad-hoc basis.

Now scientists have found a way to pinpoint the proteins -- naturally present in viruses and in body fluids -- with the optimum characteristics for killing bacteria.

Writing in the journal Physical Biology, the researchers said: "We believe we have taken the first step down a road which will allow us to identify more enzymes, choose those with the best activity, and engineer even higher activity, to develop an effective therapy against a wide range of superbugs."


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