Friday 18 January 2019

Schoolboy in knife attack on classmate

A YOUNG boy, who lunged at a classmate with a knife, has been suspended from school and is the subject of a garda investigation.

The incident in which the boy threatened a classmate with a four-inch blade steak-knife is also being investigated by the Board of Management at St Philip's National School in Mountview in West Dublin.

It happened as the two primary school boys were leaving school to go home.

One horrified parent saw the attacker run at his intended victim and another screamed at him to stop as he pulled out the knife.


The boy them calmly put the knife back in his bag and walked off.

The school has confirmed to the Herald that the incident is now under investigation by both Gardai and the Board of Management but said it was making no further comment at the moment.

Most parents were unaware of what happened until it was raised on a late-night radio show.

The FM104 Phone Show with Chris Barry was inundated with calls from furious parents.

The mother of the intended victim said: "My boy could have been killed here. It could have been so much worse.

"I just want my child to be safe in school. I got a call from the school an hour after it happened. That's far too long."

She said her son had come home "his breathing was very heavy. He was in a panic. We can't have this. Children should not be able to bring knives into the school".

It is understood the two boys had been involved in an on-going row which escalated the day before the incident.

Despite the teacher making the pair say sorry and shake hands, the knife incident still took place the next day.

A statement read out at the school on Tuesday said that the pupil had been suspended indefinitely and that children's safety was paramount at the school.

The mother of the pupil who was threatened was still concerned that at the time of the incident "nobody was told. It's like they were trying to play it down. That's something we were worried about.


"I was thinking, is my child safe. That's what we all wanted to know.

"Parents wanted this young lad's bag searched the second he came back because thought he was only suspended for this

A spokesperson for the INTO said that the union would not comment on any individual cases.

Knife incidents in primary schools were "thankfully very rare", the spokesperson said adding that there was a recognised procedure which had to be followed to ensure fairness and impartiality.


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