Friday 19 January 2018

School burglary leads gardai to €125k cash haul

FIND: Three kilos of cannabis also in house

GARDAI investigating a school break-in have smashed a major drugs gang, once run by infamous gangster the Don.

Officers from Rathfarnham, hunting down the thief who stole laptops from a city school, also came across a major drugs stash and €125,000 in cash.

The money and three kilos of cannabis belonged to a major Finglas gang. Officers believe the cash was to finance a major drugs shipment due into the country this weekend.

The gang understood to be involved was once run by murdered gang boss Eamonn Dunne, who was assassinated in April of this year

Earlier this year, a school in Tallaght was burgled and the thief stole seven laptops.

Officers at Rathfarnham mounted an investigation which led them to the Casement estate in Finglas this week.

They raided an address belonging to a 45-year-old man.

Inside they found the drugs and, under the kitchen table, discovered the €125,000 in notes in a bag.

"The cash was to pay for a shipment due in as early as this weekend," said a source.

It's suspected the householder was being paid a total of €3,000 to mind the drugs and cash. He had been a respectable law-abiding citizen until he lost his job some months ago.

One of the laptops taken from the southside school was also recovered in the raid by the Rathfarnham officers.


"This is a good, old-fashioned police investigation. The Rathfarnham officers were tenacious investigating a burglary and have managed to smash a major drugs operation," said an officer in Garda HQ.

The Don's Finglas gang is now being run by his right-hand man, a highly dangerous criminal known as The Dentist.

The gangster, who is in his 40s, has become the new godfather of Finglas and has continued on with the ruthless tactics of his predecessor.

He earned his nickname after he brutally attacked a fellow gangster and forced him to open his mouth and bite the kerb before kicking down on the back of his head.

Despite his violent nature and his obvious ties to gangland, he has no serious convictions. He has become the target of dissident republicans aligned to the Real IRA in recent times and narrowly survived an assassination attempt over the summer. The republican group has been trying to extort drug money from leading members of Dunne's former gang.

The gang has fractured since the killing of its boss earlier this year but has kept a keen interest in the drugs trade.

Eamonn Dunne's gang specialised in the sale and supply of cocaine, ecstasy and ephedrine and he was expected to face jail time before his death. It is understood that the Don may have been murdered after he fell out with drugs kingpin Christy Kinahan over cocaine pricing and the number of murders the Don had ordered.

"When Kinahan speaks, you listen, that's the unwritten rule. But Dunne was too pig-headed to take orders," a source said.

A number of Kinahan's associates have been arrested as part of the Eamonn Dunne murder investigation.


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