Saturday 23 February 2019

Scarfaced robber left plenty of clues in pharmacy raid

Boles pharmacy, Drumcondra
Boles pharmacy, Drumcondra

A Dublin pharmacist has told how a scarfaced robber left a trail of clues in her shop during an armed raid.

The incident happened in the north of the city on Monday evening when the raider entered the shop, pretending first to be a customer.

However, after watching the staff for a short period he pulled a gun from a plastic bag and pointed it at them, demanding the cash from the register in Boles pharmacy on Lower Drumcondra Road.


"It was around six o'clock, and he was outside at first looking in the window, and then he came and stood over at the toothbrushes," said manager Catherine Raymond.

"He was looking around him and seemed a bit suspicious, so I was keeping an eye on him, and then after a while he picked up a toothbrush.

"I was hoping he would walk out but then he took out some coins and started fumbling with them as if he was going to buy the toothbrush.

"The next thing, he pulled the gun out of the bag and he was pointing it at the girls and saying something to them."

One staff member gave him cash and he left, but not before leaving a trail of evidence that could help to quickly identify him.

"He dropped the coins he was handling all over the floor and the toothbrush he had picked up, so the gardai were able to get fingerprints," Ms Raymond said.

"He also had a big scar on the right side of his face. He made no effort to conceal himself."


The raider is described as five-foot-10, of stocky build and with black hair.

He was wearing a navy tracksuit and blue and grey runners.

Meanwhile, gardai in Navan, Co Meath, are investigating a raid on a shop on Commons Road at around the same time.

One man entered the Morning Star shop and threatened staff with a hammer before taking a small amount of cash and escaping.

He is described as being in his early 20s, of thin build, and was wearing a black hoodie and grey tracksuit bottoms.

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