Friday 25 May 2018

Savage brawl involving three men just after closing time in Swords

The violent scenes in Swords
The violent scenes in Swords

These pictures show a savage brawl in a north Dublin town after closing time at the local nightclubs.

Tempers boiled over between a group of three men in their early 20s as they emerged onto the streets at the end of a night out in Swords, as these pictures show.

The Herald witnessed a full-scale punch-up between two of the men that lasted around 15 minutes. The third man, at times trying to stop the fight, then got involved himself.

There were no gardai on the scene at the time.


The row kicked off shortly before 2:30am on Sunday.

Much of the fighting was between one man wearing a white shirt and another wearing a black T-shirt under a short jacket.

He later flung the jacket on the ground as he readied himself for further physical confrontation.

Bouncers from a nearby nightclub intervened and briefly stopped the row - but the men simply started again when they were let loose.

The third man involved in the bust-up, who was wearing a dark grey T-shirt, made a number of attempts to break things up, but to no avail.

Any successful interruption was only a minor stoppage, as the pair seemed determined to keep going.

Elbows and punches frequently struck the heads and body of both men.

At one point, the third participant joins in - getting on top of the man in the white shirt and appearing to roughly pull at the man's nose, leaving his face bloodied.

Each of the three involved spent time in pain, sprawled across the ground alone and exhausted, as they attempted to regain the strength and energy to go again - in a fracas that looked like it would never end.

No one else in the vicinity took much notice of what was going on.

The group eventually disappeared into the darkness and out of sight. As all this was going on, more and more people began to make their way home.

The Herald spotted both men and women slipping outside as they made their way towards the queue of taxis.

One man fell flat on his face, before quickly being lifted up by friends and taken home.

Elsewhere in Swords, one man found the trip home from the pub too much to take in one journey, and fell asleep at the doorstep of a local business.

He awoke later and quickly made his move out of the bitterly-cold conditions.

While the majority in the northside town partied with no incident in a responsible manner, for others it was another night of drink-fuelled chaos on our capital's streets.

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