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sam enjoys girlie baby shower

Singer Samantha Mumba has really taken to her new LA lifestyle and enjoyed a beautiful baby shower over the weekend.

The Dublin native is expecting a baby girl with her husband Torray Scales and was thrown a pink-themed bash by her friends.

"Headed to our baby shower. I've never even been to one before - cannot wait," she wrote on Twitter.

Sam's manager and friend Jane Owen organised the baby shower and had some fun entertainment for the guests.

She set up a 'Baby Onesie Making Station' where guests could decorate some baby-grows for Samantha's baby girl.

Jane's one said 'Little monster, Auntie Jane loves you' while others proclaimed 'Princess Diva' and 'the World is Yours'.

Samantha (31) and hubby Torray announced they were expecting their first child together in September by posting a picture of her scan to twitter, writing "It's a girl".

Sam has kept up her fitness throughout her pregnancy, posting pictures of her working out in the gym and hiking in the Hollywood hills. It's believed that the singer is due in March.