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Safety of our State is at stake

THE murder of Det Garda Adrian Donohoe is a direct attack on our State. This officer was shot dead for doing his job, protecting society from lawless and armed criminals who think little of killing a person for the sum of €4,000.

Det Garda Donohoe's murder is an affront to civic society, to each one of us who rely on the Garda Siochana for protection from criminals.

There is a perception among the public that the country's criminals are becoming more and more audacious.

Whether it's the rising numbers of burglaries or nightly reports of pipebomb or gun attacks, it appears to many that criminals are acting with impunity.

This has now culminated in the cold-blooded murder of a garda.

The stakes could not be higher today, for the State and every one of us. It is vital that the killers of Det Garda Donohoe are caught and jailed. Our rule of law and our very democracy depend on it.