Monday 18 December 2017

Ryanair's stake in rival debated

Ryanair is expected to face an ultimatum from the UK's competition watchdog this week to sell all or part of its stake in Aer Lingus.

The Competition Commission may demand the carrier sell its 29.8pc stake in its rival in a ruling as early as tomorrow, according to newspaper reports.

In May, the watchdog warned an enforced sale could be possible, saying Ryanair's stake potentially distorted the market for flights between Ireland and Britain, and was likely to "weaken its main competitor".


Syrian President Bashar Assad said his troops did not use chemical weapons in an attack on a rebel-held suburb in Damascus last week where hundreds of people died.

Anti-government activists and Doctors Without Borders say that more than 300 people were killed last Wednesday in an artillery barrage by regime forces that included toxic gas.

France, Britain, Israel and some US congressmen have urged swift military action against Assad's regime if the use of chemical agents is confirmed by a UN inspection team.


A burlesque act raised the temperature of the room in Dundee, but not in the way the audience had hoped.

Hundreds of people were forced to flee the city's tattoo convention after burlesque dancer Go-Go Amy set off the fire alarms with her flaming tassels.

The large crowd made their way to the exits, disappointed to have seen only half of the exotic dancer's performance.

Convention organiser Ky Thomasson-Kay said: "They weren't meant to use fire in the act but I think they just completely forgot."


Grammy-winning singer Linda Ronstadt is suffering from Parkinson's disease and has said she can no longer "sing a note".

In an interview last Friday, to be published next week, Ronstadt (67) said the Parkinson's diagnosis she received eight months ago had given her an answer to why she couldn't sing.

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