Friday 22 March 2019

Ryanair pilots say yes to fifth stoppage

Talks between the parties made little impact
Talks between the parties made little impact

Irish-based Ryanair pilots have announced their fifth one-day strike.

The pilots, who are striking today, confirmed they will refuse to work from 1am on August 10.

Ryanair pilots from Belgium and Sweden have already announced a strike on the same date.

German pilots union VC has supported the industrial action, while pilots in the Netherlands have done likewise, though what action will be taken by either has yet to be revealed.

The news comes as talks between the two parties made little progress. Pilots have made 11 demands on issues including the allocation of transfers, leave and promotions.


"For over a month, the union has said that industrial action is likely to continue until there is substantial movement on the pilots' reasonable demands for an agreement on a fair and transparent approach to base transfers and related matters," a statement from the union Forsa said.

Ryanair, whose chief executive is Michael O'Leary, condemned the strike announcement.

"Forsa again rejected Ryanair's repeated offers to meet to resolve this dispute on Tuesday next," it said.

"Ryanair has already published details of Forsa's 11 requirements, nine of which have been agreed."

The company said the gap between both sides was "narrow" as it had already agreed to most of the pilots' requirements.

Michael O'Leary
Michael O'Leary

It said the offer to meet was now pointless and it would notify another 3,500 Irish passengers of 20 further flight cancellations.

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