Friday 24 November 2017

Ryan Tubridy: I'm humbled at eye-opening experience in Ethiopia

Ryan Tubridy in Ethiopia
Ryan Tubridy in Ethiopia
Ryan Tubridy in Ethiopia
Ryan Tubridy in Ethiopia

RTE’s Ryan Tubridy is only a day into his trip in Ethiopia, but has said “it’s a humbling privilege to be here”.

The Late Late Show presenter revealed last month that he was finally able to go on a trip abroad with Goal as he wasn’t working at the BBC this summer.

“I’ve been asked to go on a trip for a charity before and I really just didn’t have the time to do it,” he said.

Judging by these pictures the radio host is glad he took the chance to go, as he described day one as an “eye-opening experience”.

“This is my first visit to Africa and, obviously, to Ethiopia, a country I knew very little about,” Ryan said yesterday.

“After just one day here in Gambella, watching the work that Goal does here, my eyes and mind have been opened more than I could have


“It’s going to be a fascinating and educational week and it’s a humbling privilege to be here,” he added.

Over the next few days Ryan will be visiting a number of refugee camps around Gambella in Western Ethiopia.

“Much of the work focuses on nutrition for mothers and young children,” he said.

“[Today] I’ll be visiting a street children’s programme in Addis and on Thursday, I’m off to Hawassa for similar programmes.”

The 42-year-old said part of his reason for going on the trip was out of “a curiosity about this country’s relationship with famine”.

“I’m interested in the famine story and how it has evolved over generations,” he said.

“Goal have been working there for decades and of course we know about Ethiopia from Live Aid 30 years ago and Bob Geldof and everything, but I’ve never been so I decided I had to go.”

He admitted he was “nervous” ahead of the trip and believed it would be out of his “comfort zone”.

“I’m excited, but a little bit nervous – I think it will be life transforming. It will be one of those extraordinary experiences,” he said before he left.


“It will just be a very different reality and totally out of the comfort zone.

“As someone explained it to me, it’s like going through the looking glass – it’s like going to another world altogether,” he added.

Meanwhile, when he returns from his trip Ryan will have a few weeks off before he is back to his old slot at 9am on RTE Radio 1 and starts a new season of the Late Late Show in September.

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