Saturday 16 December 2017

Russell gives movie fans plenty to Crowe about

HE may have made his name through acting in big movies like Gladiator and Les Miserables, but Hollywood legend Russell Crowe has revealed he prefers sitting in the director's chair to being in front of the camera.

The Oscar winner (50) was in Dublin's Savoy Cinema last night for the screening of his directorial debut, The Water Diviner, at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Speaking on the red carpet, the Australian actor told the Herald that he settled into his new role quite easily.

"I used to think that I had the greatest job in the world and then I discovered there was one better," Russell said.


Along with directing the film, which based on the aftermath of the battle of Gallipoli, Crowe also starred in the movie - a challenge he was more than happy to take on.

"It's a funny thing, maybe it's just a combination of my time in the business and the decrepit old age that I've managed to reach, you sort of gather a bit of experience and suddenly the task to do both those jobs doesn't really seem that difficult," he said.

The movie veteran, who happily posed for photos with dozens of fans who had waited for hours to see him in Dublin, also admitted that there was something special about the script.

"Obviously, if you're reading a piece about that [Gallipoli] you're going to have some connection to it anyway, but this script did something else," he said.

"It actually kind of opened my mind and my heart to the other side and to realise that in war there is heroism, compassion and grief on both sides.


Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015
Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015
Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015
Russell Crowe pictured tonight at the Savoy Cinema Dublin where he attended the Jameson Dublin International Film festival screening of his film "The Water Diviner
Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015
Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015
Russel Crowe at JDIFF 2015

"The stories of Gallipoli were sort of tattooed on your eyelids when you were a child in Australia, so it's a very culturally important thing for us."

With the movie receiving good praise in his home country, the Hollywood star admitted he's happy to be known for something other than controversy.

"Just the other day the movie won five Australian Film Critic Circle Awards, he said. "Those dusty old b*****ds haven't mentioned my name for 15 years.

"It's good to be back in that situation where people are just talking to you from an artistic perspective and not that kind of tabloid fodder bear-baiting thing that I've been putting up with for the last 10 years."


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