Monday 18 December 2017

Rugby ace Sean wants 'quiet chat' with thieves who burgled his home

Rugby star Sean O'Brien has been targeted by thieves
Rugby star Sean O'Brien has been targeted by thieves

HE'S busy preparing for Ireland's game against Wales Sunday - but thieves have twice targeted rugby's human tank, Sean O'Brien.

Leinster's Sean O'Brien revealed his Rathgar home was burgled this week.

The robbery comes just days after his bank card was "skimmed".

O'Brien -- nicknamed the 'Tullow Tank' -- disclosed: "House was robbed today in Dublin and my bank card was skimmed last weekend! I'd love to meet these people some time, just for a chat!!"

Sean said that "not too much [was] taken" but that he'd love to meet the culprits "just for a chat".

But Sean says it has not hindered preparations for Sunday's showdown with Wales too much. "On a better note can't wait for Sunday, always a great occasion when u get to put on an Irish jersey, cannot wait," he said.

The 24-year-old farmer bought a tractor with his first rugby pay cheque. He was named as the 2011 European Player of the Year.

Sean's Irish teammate Stephen Ferris was the one to initially persuade him to start his own Twitter account and within an hour he had 10,000 followers. The 6ft 1in professional has previously admitted he is at his happiest on his family's farm.

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