Wednesday 13 December 2017

RTE's Vivienne Traynor - 'I'll never forget donor who saved my nephew'

Vivienne Traynor
Vivienne Traynor
Regina Reynolds from Organ Donation and Transplantation Ireland, organ donor Vivienne Traynor and Dr Lisa Mellon at the launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week.

RTE broadcaster Vivienne Traynor (44) has revealed that five years after she donated a kidney to her nephew he underwent a second transplant from a deceased donor.

Martin Traynor (35) underwent his first transplant in 2009, for which Vivienne was the donor, and five years later he had his second.

Martin (pictured right with Vivienne) had been on dialysis for three years before Vivienne donated her kidney to him.

"Martin and I made a good recovery after the operations, and the successful transplant allowed him to enjoy a normal life for five years away from dialysis, and in that time he became a father," said Vivienne.

"But in 2013, signs of Martin's original condition returned and it started to affect the transplanted kidney.

"By mid-2014 he was back on dialysis and eventually placed back on the waiting list for another transplant.

"He was just six weeks on the list when a kidney from a deceased donor became available in November 2014."


Mum-of-four Vivienne told of her family's gratitude to the donor's loved ones.

"When news came through that a second kidney was available for Martin, I was at first elated, but this feeling was very quickly replaced by thoughts for the deceased donor and their family," she said.

"I was really touched that a family in the midst of all their grief took the time to consider someone else.

"I cannot find the words to express what that meant to us at that moment, on that day and every day since. It is something I think of regularly, and I know Martin thinks about it every day.

"To see Martin come back from surgery in a matter of hours and given a whole new lease of life was one of the greatest things I have witnessed. The kindness of strangers meant so much to us that day."

Vivienne has now taken up the voluntary role of ambassador for Organ Donor Awareness Week in April, which is organised by the Irish Kidney Association.

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