Friday 18 January 2019

RTE's Kathryn - Burglar left knife on my pillow

RTE's Kathryn Thomas has opened up about having her home raided by burglars saying it left her feeling "sick".

The popular presenter was horrified after her Dublin 8 house was ransacked, with the intruders leaving a knife on her pillow.

She was speaking about figures released this week showing that €35m worth of goods were robbed in the past year, 40pc of which was jewellery.

"I had my home broken into three years ago. It is the most frightening feeling to walk in and see everything in absolute disarray," Kathryn said.

"My two dogs were only puppies at the time and I could hear them whimpering. Once I had checked that they were unharmed, I started to investigate the state of the place around me.

"Cupboard doors and drawers flung open, glass all over the floor. The thought of someone in my personal space, in my private home, in the one place in the world where you are meant to feel safe, left me feeling sick."

RTE's golden girl, who used to share her home with ex-boyfriend Garda Enda Waters, said there was worse to come when she went upstairs to her bedroom and realised the raiders had left something behind.

"They had also carried two knives upstairs, one of which was left on my pillow," she continued.

The robbers stole all her jewellery, her two laptops, cameras and all her bank statements. She praised the gardai for their investigation into the robbery - and had most of her possessions returned.


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