Tuesday 16 January 2018

RTE shuts doors on in-house library

THE RTE reference library has been axed as part of cost-saving measures at Montrose.

An RTE source said that the closure was a "significant blow", particularly to more senior staff members.

"That library was part and parcel of RTE -- and there were times when it was very busy.

"It was a great facility to be able to use, do some primary research and have some peace and quiet."

An RTE spokeswoman said the closure had not led to any job losses.

"The physical reference library -- which holds periodicals, newspapers, books etc, as well as terminal access to online resources -- closed on December 14. The facility is now virtual.

"The online resources required to facilitate fact-checking by staff will now be available online.

"The primary change is that there will no longer be a walk-in facility, ie the facility becomes virtual. There are no job losses on foot of this change."

The closure comes as new figures show that RTE spent €3.4m last year on archiving old shows, an increase of €28,000 on 2010.

RTE's cost-saving involved cutting €25m from operating costs this year.


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