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RTE just don't like us -- Fade Street star Cici

FADE Street star Cici Kavanagh has said RTE's likely decision not to commission a second series of the reality series would be "completely bizarre".

The model and TV star conceded it's possible that Montrose bosses will axe the series as they just didn't like it -- despite the fact it's the most viewed series on the RTE Player.

But even though the series has attracted huge viewership online, it didn't do the business on the small screen with ratings disappointingly low.

Cici, along with co-stars Louise Johnston, Vogue Williams and Danielle Robinson, is awaiting word from RTE as to the fate of Fade Street.

But they believe it's unlikely RTE will give the project the green light and any decision is completely out of their hands.

"At the end of the day, it's not down to the people," Cici said.

"It is the most watched show on RTE Player in history.

"To think that RTE would put it back on because it is so popular, but not give us a second series, is completely bizarre."

The Palmerstown native admitted that she and her co-stars are "dying to know" if RTE will let them film another series.

"There's possibly people in RTE, who are in charge of commissioning the shows, who didn't like it. When it comes down to it, that really is the issue."

Despite not knowing about the future of the series, Cici said the girls are planning to reunite for a new show.

"There's a possibility that Fade Street itself will never come back but I definitely believe that all of us will be back doing something similar together," she said.