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Roz is dreaming of a fit-camp Christmas


Cooking up Christmas Wishes !!!!!

Cooking up Christmas Wishes !!!!!

Cooking up Christmas Wishes !!!!!

Top model Roz Purcell will be trading in the mince pies for a fitness resort this Christmas.

The Tipperary native has been heading to the Club La Santa in Lanzarote with her family for a number of years.

Although she admits that she does miss spending Christmas at home.

"Yeah I'm going away again, I would actually love to spend it at home again. I really wanted to spend it at home this year because you miss that crisp cold air on Christmas Day and a proper Christmas dinner. I don't think I've had that in ages," she told the Herald.

And while she'll be in sunny Spain to exchange presents, Roz is planning to be back in Dublin to ring in the New Year.

"We're going away to the sports camp that we always go to," she said. "It's in Lanzarote and we're going for ten days. My family will probably stay longer but I want to get home for New year's."

And with 2014 coming to a close, Roz (24) counts completing the Ironman Challenge in Austria last May as her highlight of the year.

"Doing the Iron man was definitely a high point of my year. It was seven months of hard training and I think it proved that if I really put my mind to something I can do it. Just finishing something like that was a real highlight," she said.

Roz was talking at the launch of Make-A-Wish Ireland and Fairy's festive campaign, which aims to raise funds to grant even more wishes this Christmas.

"I think it's a great cause and it's amazing they can make so many wishes come true," she said.