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Roz and Bressie are both on target as they enjoy a fairytale castle weekend in the West

Lovebirds Roz Purcell and Bressie were Lord and Lady of the manor as they spent the weekend in the glorious surroundings of Ashford Castle, the Diary can reveal.

The couple spent the weekend cycling through the surrounding Galway and Mayo countryside, enjoying afternoon tea and clay pigeon shooting.

"Heading off west to Ashford Castle for a jam-packed weekend of activities, including a sneaky afternoon tea," Roz wrote online.

Roz (24) posted pictures of the scrumptious spread which they enjoyed after cycling through Connemara down to Leenane in Co Galway.

"Only thing I was missing today was spf! Stunning day up west! A nice cycle so I definitely deserve that afternoon tea," she wrote.

The pair also went clay pigeon shooting and proved to be both great shots as they shared videos of both of them hitting the target.

"Bam - first round at clay pigeon shooting. Bressie now knows never to mess with me," Roz wrote online.

They enjoyed their stay so much that Voice of Ireland coach Bressie (33) even wished they lived there.


"Could not ask for nicer staff here at Ashford Castle. Love it. Wish I owned a castle," he wrote.

The couple, who are known for loving outdoor pursuits - and are not ones to be caught partying in hotspots around town - teamed up with Discover Ireland for their stay.

"We are the most un-rock 'n' roll couple ever. We do triathlons together, I cook the whole time, we drink loads of tea and don't really go out. I seem older than he does," Roz said.


The couple only recently confirmed their two-year relationship as they wanted to keep their lives private.

"It was almost like proving that you can keep something private if you want to. And there was no need to tell anyone, it just puts pressure on something if you tell," Roz revealed.

She has admitted that it wasn't love at first sight when she met the former Blizzards front man.

"I didn't know straight-away. I'm not someone who can be won over easily at all," Roz said. "You'd have to wait for ages. I wouldn't fully trust someone until I know them a long time.

"Its not like I'm, 'you need to prove yourself' ... but I wouldn't be someone who's like, 'oh, just cause its Bressie, I'm going to text him back.'

"In fact, it wouldn't have been a plus for me that he's well-known. I would have preferred to meet somebody who had nothing to do with the industry," she added.