Thursday 17 January 2019

Roy was just a joy to work with on biography, says Chelsea fan Roddy

Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane
Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane

Writer Roddy Doyle may be a Chelsea fan but he managed to work well with Roy Keane on the former Manchester United star's memoirs.

"He is fantastic to work with, just right down to the proof-reading," the Booker prize-winning author revealed.

"Once I had a few chapters done, we would work on an old chapter and then move on to a new one. We went through it line by line," the author said adding that the pair would work in four-hour sessions.

"It was very much a collaborative thing," the writer said about The Second Half, which is due to be published on October 9, just in time for the lucrative Christmas market.

Speaking to Newstalk's Pat Kenny, Roddy Doyle described Keane as professional and said that he himself is a "huge football fan" which explained why he wanted to get involved in the footballer's book.

"The idea was put to me and I wondered what can I bring to this project?

"One of the reasons why Roy is interesting is first, what he says, and then how he says it, and I suppose dialogue is one of my strengths. So when I met him, I said what I would try to do is capture, you know, the way he speaks on paper."

Mr Doyle also revealed that the much-anticipated memoir, focuses on the last few years of Keane's football career, and "then from my point of view more interestingly his managerial career.

"The things that went right the things that went wrong. And great experiences, really great experiences."

The author also revealed during the interview that while he has joined Facebook, he "quite deliberately" doesn't have a smartphone.

"I don't tweet for example, so Facebook is the limit."

Mr Doyle said that the former Manchester United skipper has seen the finished product.

It comes as Brian O'Driscoll's eagerly-awaited autobiography will hit the shelves on October 23.

The retired rugby hero tweeted a picture of the cover of his new tome, entitled The Test, along with the message: "And…it's finished. Hope you like it."

Pre-orders of the book are already going down a storm.

Described as "honest, gritty and thoughtful", the book is expected to go head-to-head with the Keane biography in the race to top the best-sellers list this Christmas.


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