Sunday 17 December 2017

Row brews as co-op members say they paid €5k each for modular housing site

St Helena
St Helena"s Drive Site in South Finglas, Dublin. Photo: Mark Condren

The Ballymun site selected for modular housing has already planning permission in place for 40 social and affordable homes.

THe Ballymun site selected for modular housing has already planning permission in place for 40 social and affordable homes.

The O'Cualann Co- Housing Alliance said that major doubts have now been cast on its plans for these homes.

A spokesman said members of the co-operative have already paid €5,000 towards the costs of development.

Hugh Brennan said the city council was attempting to "ride roughshod" over its members. The city council was not available for comment.

Sinn Fein Cllr Noeleen Reilly said: "We have a lot of vacant land in Ballymun and there were other sites they could have used."

Junior Minister Kevin Humphries defended the placement of modular units in working-class areas, saying there was "real pressure" for the homes in those locations.

"That's where their children go to school, that's where their families are," he said. "We need to move children out of hotels and into high quality homes."

He said the modular units were "high standard and provide good quality housing".

The Poppintree site in Ballymun is located along Balbutcher Lane within view of the Ikea store on the M50. It is set to cater for 22 modular homes.

The site faces onto rows of houses along the Balbutcher Road.


Local residents were also confused by the selection of the site, with many only finding out on the news.

Suzanne Rooney from Ballymun said "the shopping centre is closing. It makes no sense, and now they're bringing in the homeless. Where are those families going to shop?"

Brother and sister Martin and Anna O'Loughlin, who live in close proximity to the site, were "happy" that something is being done with it.

"It'll look better than what's on it at the moment. People used to use it for dumping," said Anna.

The site chosen in Finglas is located at the end St Helena's Drive and is set to cater for 40 modular homes.

It is currently a grassy area surrounded by trees at the end of a cul-de-sac next to St Oliver Plunkett's church, and Merville Court; a complex which caters for the elderly.

Local resident Jimmy O'Grady was happy about the site's selection, saying it is good that there will be something built on it "that someone can call home".

He said the area overall has many facilities and services close by. The Clearwater Shopping Centre is only a kilometre and a half away.

There are also a number primary and secondary schools located in close proximity to the site.

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