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Ross book sales to hit the million mark

ROSS O'Carroll Kelly, everyone's favourite obnoxious southsider, is set to celebrate the sale of his millionth book. Paul Howard, the man behind the best-selling series, expects to sell the millionth copy of the satirical books before Christmas.

The Ballybrack writer admitted that the story of Ross has come a long way since he self- published the first book in 2000.

"I realise how extraordinary it is because I published the first book myself. I couldn't get a publisher," he said.

"I had no idea what 5,000 books looked like until this truck pulled up in the laneway and they started taking these pallets out of the back of it," he recalled.

Ross's love for Blackrock College has even seen the author invited to give a speech to the school's rugby team before an important clash.


"I didn't know what to say to them," he admitted and confessed to ripping the speech out of one of the books. I was saying things like 'you are the golden generation' and 'your fathers are rich and after today you'll never have to work hard at anything again in your lives'," he laughed.

Breaking Dad, which sees Ross take the story to the stage, will return for a second run in the Gaiety Theatre in the new year.

After 16 books Howard and his alter ego have gathered quite a following. Between publications their fans are kept happy with regular tweets from Ross O'Carroll Kelly's account. The former rugby player even weighed in on the row between Roy Keane and a fan at a Portmarnock hotel recently.

"Ross would sympathise with Roy Keane because he has actually never met a soccer fan that he hasn't felt like decking himself," Mr Howard yesterday told Miriam O'Callaghan on RTE Radio One.