Wednesday 13 December 2017

Rosie shows off her vegan credentials in this red-hot pose

Rosanna Davison doing her vegan pose
Rosanna Davison doing her vegan pose

MODEL Rosanna Davison is feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

The model and keen vegan posed naked for animal rights group Peta with only a handful of chilli peppers covering her modesty.

The shot is reminiscent of Mena Suvari's rose petals pose from movie classic American Beauty.

Rosanna, who recently completed a three-year course in naturopathic nutrition and human biochemistry to become a qualified nutritionist, hopes the ad will encourage others to try out the vegan way of life.

"I've never felt as fit and healthy as I do as a vegan," she said. "Vegan meals aren't just delicious – they're free of animal fat and cholesterol, and they're packed with vitamins. Going vegan is the best way to keep your heart healthy and your body looking great."

Rosanna and Peta are encouraging us all to ditch the meat, dairy and eggs and go vegan for 30 days.

Rosanna (28) is known for her clean eating regime and her no-nonsense attitude to sugary and fatty foods.

Earlier this year she enraged Irish dairy farmers when she said there were no benefits to drinking milk.

Rosie's comments were branded "reckless" and "faddish quackery" by John Comer, president of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA).


But Rosanna stuck to her non-dairy guns, saying: "There is simply no space for moderation when it comes to dairy. This is always one of the very first dietary modifications I recommend to clients, friends and family when they ask me for advice.

"Eliminate it entirely. Remove it from your diet and watch your beauty, vitality and energy levels increase within a matter of weeks."

And Peta say everyone can look as good as Rosie if they ditch the meat. "She posed naked to show off all the benefits of her vegan diet - which has left her with a gorgeous figure, radiant good looks and a guilt-free conscience," they said.

And Rosanna's been busy - with a similar pose, albeit with clothes on, for the EuroMillions jackpot.


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