Sunday 17 December 2017

Ronan's Achilles agony as RTE star reveals his months on crutches

RTE DJ Ronan Collins has revealed he has been on crutches for the past two months after severing his Achilles tendon.

The popular Radio One DJ suffered the injury shortly before Christmas as he rushed to catch a Luas.

"I put on a bit of a spurt to catch it and it just popped. It was pretty painful, it was very severe. I could actually hear the noise of it popping. It was very painful at first but then the numbness set in and that was actually pretty scary," he said.

As a result of the injury, Ronan was warned that he could be on crutches for over three months.

The injury left him housebound for two weeks and caused him to miss some shows he had planned with his Reeling In The Showbands tour. However, he did rejoin the tour for the remaining five weeks.

"People were so helpful throughout the tour, making sure I could get on and off the stage. I was never on crutches as a young fella and I always thought I'd be great on those, but I've learned I'm not," he laughed.

The accident happened on December 16.

"Luckily through a friend of a friend I got in to see a consultant in the Mater. I had to have the operation that afternoon. I was home 24 hours later and could do nothing for two weeks."

But Ronan was determined not to let the injury halt his plans and will perform a Joe Dolan Tribute Show at the National Concert Hall next month.

"I should be off the crutches by then," he said, though this isn't his only problem.

"I've been fighting a cold for months. By the time I make it from the car to the RTE studios I'm lathered in sweat, so that doesn't help."


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